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Metal Die-Cast

Metal Die-Cast Model Airplanes

InFlight 200InFlight 200 is the leading manufacturer of diecast model airplanes in 1:200 scale which specializes in commercial aircraft. These metal diecast airplanes are very limited in edition with model production running between 300 to 800 pieces worldwide. Due to their limited release, InFlight 200 diecast airplanes are highly collectible.

Why do people love the InFlight 200? Between its excellent quality and realistically detailed features, these diecast model airplanes also include: Antennas, landing gear with rubber tires that roll, models with fan-blades that spin in the engines, 747 and L-1011 models have nose landing gear that turns. All liveries and markings are applied by precision pad printing and some narrow body aircraft even have a polished metal finish.

View the entire fleet of InFlight 200 Metal Die-Cast Model Airplanes 

Inflight 500 Die-Cast Model Airplanes

InFlight 500Inflight 500 models bring new life to 1:500 scale die-cast airliner collections with liveries and aircraft that have not previously been produced in this scale. These diecast airplanes are highly detailed with quality that exceeds other 1:500 scale models. With a limited edition production quantity of 744 pieces worldwide for each model the Inflight 500 models are highly desirable collectibles.

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Sky Guardians Die-Cast Model Airplanes

Sky GuardiansThe Sky Guardians model airplanes with their excellent quality and attention to detail are well-crafted military diecast aircraft models. Built in 1:72 scale, these model airplanes encompass everything from WWII military aircraft to modern military aircraft from countries around the world. 

What makes the Sky Guardians Model Airplanes so refined? These model airplanes are exceptionally detailed with realistic surface points, antennas, armaments, and many moving control surfaces. Leaving no item unmatched, these diecast aircraft’s markings are pad printed and historically accurate – this even includes the jet fighter’s missiles. 

All Sky Guardians WWII series models come with a plastic display stand. Metal Display stands are available separately for the modern jet series unless otherwise indicated. 

View the entire fleet of Sky Guardians Metal Die-Cast Model Airplanes 

Die-Cast Model Airplane Configuration 

The die-cast models we offer come fully assembled* just unpack them and enjoy. 

*Some of the Sky Guardians fighter jets that have weapons and/or nose antenna that need to be attached with a simple push-fit.

Please note that the metal die-cast adult collectors model we offer are not recommended for children under 14.

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