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Why Collect Model Airplanes

CollectorsAnyone can be a collector. Discovering your passion is the start of any collection, so if you are fascinated by airplanes and flight, become a model airplane collector. Being a model airplane collector is fun and affordable. You can easily start your collection with one of our inexpensive Flight Miniatures® Snap-Fit model airplanes or a model from one of our detailed Die-cast model airplane lines.

Collecting model airplanes dates back to the 1930s. There are a variety of model aircraft types that have been collected over the years ranging from stamped metal, die-cast metal, wood, and plastic models. Flight Miniatures® specializes in what is termed plastic snap-fit desktop display models. These are static model aircraft, that is, a scale model airplane that is not intended to fly. 

Most of the world’s airlines allow their fleet aircraft to be modeled as a form of publicity. In the early days, airlines would order large models of their aircraft and supply them to travel agencies as promotional items. Today, many fleet aircraft are duplicated purely for the enjoyment of collectors. Flight Miniatures® alone has produced over 800 scale model aircraft comprising over 60 model airplane types and representing the liveries of over 200 airlines and manufacturers worldwide. 

Reseller Listings:

Flight Miniatures supports our “Co-Pilot” retail partners at hobby shops, in-flight stores, museum shops and collector websites worldwide. We encourage collectors to patronize an eStore or nearby retail location soon. 

International Reseller List - For collectors outside of the USA, shows resellers by region.

USA Reseller List - shows resellers by state. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We address your most common questions, providing answers and solutions to enhance enjoyment of your Flight Miniatures® model collection. 

Retired Model Listings

Retired Flight Miniatures® Models - reference listing of all the Flight Miniatures® models that are no longer produced. 

Retired InFlight 200 Models - reference listing of all the InFlight 200 models that have sold out and are no longer available from the manufacturer.